Gallery – Elia Murray – Week 14

During this week’s art galleries, the gallery showed a series of animations by different artists. The animations had different stories with them and each had their own style depending on the artist. I really enjoyed seeing how the work was presented, with different characters and different expressions placed on them. The characters really reflected on the artist individually.

I decided to interview the artist Elia Murray. She said she was inspired by her parents, who are also artists, and decided to start drawing at a young age. She has always enjoyed drawing and creating new characters and she has also taken the activity of sculpting. Some of her characters came to life through the process of creation fabrication, while others were created through sculptures. Elia was inspired to have her characters come to life after seeing the actual products. Not only is she an artist and a sculpture, but she is also a writer. She is currently working on a book with poetry and short stories.

Through her work, the characters show her type of style. Some of her artwork was inspired by some one the things she runs into everyday. The first piece was inspired by a healthcare article she read that is relevant in today’s society. In another piece she decided to represent an exaggerate form of circus acts. She explained how in reality, the people in the picture wouldn’t be able to do the actions they are shown doing but in animation, it is often exaggerated for entertainment. The pictures also represent how people in today’s society also want to have big forms of entertainment.


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