Conversations – Victor Parderas – Week 14

This week I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Victor Paredes. He is a freshman with an undelcared major but he is thinking of going into film. He wants to go into film because he loves to watch movies and thinking it is the best thing ever. He enjoys action movies, especially movies that involve superheros since he is a die hard fan of them. Another genre he likes is horror movies, his favorite being dead silence. He enjoys the outdoors with hiking and adventuring. He favorite activities are playing ultimate Frisbee, water polo, swimming and taking photography. Since we spoke, we kept contact and he even invited me to go to his banquet. it was pretty nice of him, considering I just met him. But I figured it was the whole point of assignment of making new conversations with people because of the possibility of making friends that can suddenly be a part of your life and make new memories.


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