Conversations – Alayna Grapel – Week 13

During this week of conversations, I had the opportunity to talk to Alayna Grapel. She in in her second year here at CSULB and she is a liberal studies major. She was a dance major in the beginning but she decided to change her major since she realized she wants to become a teacher. I told her I was an undeclared major and she encouraged me I have made a good decision to do that since it will give me time to decide without wasting credits on a major you might not be continuing. Alayna is from Northern California so being her In Long Beach is a new experience. During her first year, she dormed in parkside. She was a gymnastic coach and tried several other sports such as running, track, volleyball, and soccer before realizing her main skill was dancing and gymnastics. She enjoys watching different shows ranging from supernatural to army wives to american horror story. She overall says this school is great to be in and believes it deserves more credit.


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