Art Gallery – Charles Banowetz – Week 13

During this week’s art gallery, it was a little different. This week was the showing of all the senior art showcases. At first I was confused at all the different types of paintings/drawings but then I realized they were each by a different artist. Sometimes, an artist would have more than one piece displayed in the gallery. For example, Charles Banowetz. He had two paintings displayed in the art gallery. As I entered the gallery I noticed his painting right away and started to look at the details of it. His painting was one of my favorites since it had so much detail and color in it.

According to the title of the gallery, Liminal, the gallery is suppose to represent the discoveries and transitions from previous periods in art. This to to show the audience that the artists of the gallery have transformed from their early processes in art. They have not changed completely, but have discovered new techniques or ways to express themselves in art. Since it is their senior showcase, the artists have a way to show their current period of art as a result from years of practice.

Banowetz paintings were of landscapes. Personally, I love drawing trees and clouds and I basically love seeing other people drawing the same ideas I would have. The first painting I saw was the one with a landscape of trees in the background with clouds of different colors. According to Banowetz, he wanted to show the process of the painting. He wanted to show the different layers of the painting by adding more objects or colors to really enhance the idea of a process. By creating the first layer, he would then work with it by adding more layers and creating a different image. By doing this, he is either creating new landscapes of recreating ones. Either way, he is interpreting a new image by a previous image and basically having transitions and processes to have the final product.


There was another painting that was very similar to the first one I saw. When I first saw it, I immediately thought the painting was by the same artist. These two paintings were by the same artist which was great way to compare the two. I noticed that the painting had the same idea as the first one I saw; landscape, striking colors, layers of paint, and the clouds being the same form. Although they had striking similarities, they were different. This one was a landscape of some sort of mountains with different trees. These paintings showed me that although an artist can have the same processes or ideas to display on a canvas, they have the ability to transform or manipulate their ideas in different ways. I believe the purpose of the two paintings was to compare visions but with similar details put on them.



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