Conversation – Veronica Meza – Week 13

This week I was able to talk to Veronica Meza. She is a sophomore at CSULB and she commutes. Her major is psychology and she hopes to get a masters or Ph.D in order to achieve her goal to become a successful therapist. She is interested in getting involved with therapy because she enjoys helping people. Her hobbies include dancing, MMA, which is mixed martial arts. Since she has been in school longer than I have, I decided to ask her what she has learned or enjoyed most about going to this school. She told me she enjoys it just as much but tells me somethings you can get caught up with all the activities and events going on you forget the reason why you came to school which is to get an education. I understood this, since it is my first year everything is completely new and sometimes I forget I have to focus on class. She told me it is fine to get involved but there has to be a balance and you must keep the same mindset you had in the beginning of the year. She also told me her ethnicity is Mexican American and she has family in Mexico. I related to her on this, since I also have family in Mexico. I enjoyed talking to her about culture and family since I felt like she understood where I was coming from.


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