Art Gallery – Ashley Sharpe – Week 12

This week, I decided to go to Ashley Sharpe’s gallery which was called Meow. The name of the gallery, Meow, pretty much gave away the whole theme of the gallery. The gallery’s theme was basically different drawings or portraits of cats, either representing certain situations or ideas. Each picture had some sort of meaning behind it but, but all of them consisted of the same thing: cats. Baby ones, adult ones, ones with different colors, or different facial expressions.

I walked in the gallery to see the pictures displayed against the walls and I also noticed that they were pretty colorful. The idea of paintings of cats really seemed fun and cute and I was interested to see what else was displayed. The pictures of cats were either manipulated to different forms by printmaking. Sharpe’s printmaking really expressed her ability to have different pictures  Other times, there are pictures of cats being photo-shopped to look a bit different.

I thought the pictures of the cats were pretty cool and gave a cute comfort vibe throughout the gallery. As Sharpe explained, she wanted to reveal her fun personality and her admiration for cats. I loved how she did a wide range of different types of cats from normal cats on the streets to ones from the internet. She explained how she adored how cats are loved by millions on the internet just because of their faces they make. One example is the famous Grumpy Cat. She also explained that she never really owned any cats but she is always around cats either owned by her roommates or some that linger around her neighborhood. Sharpe explained she realized how much comfort she had from these furry animals. She wants to express this part of her life in her art by displaying sparkle and pictures of different types of cats.

As Sharpe explained, each picture has its own story to tell. There is one group of pictures of cats that represent the seasons (left picture) and another picture that represents the known clothing line style “Bebe” (right picture), which originally has a cat to represent their name, being shown in the gallery.


Some pictures were being the opposites of each other which can represent the different sides of cats. For example, one picture would be black and white, while the other one would filled with color (left pictures). While another example would be colored to a single color (right pictures). To me, it showed different sides the art process of printmaking.

My favorite would have to be the pictures of cats that can represent the popular style of photoshopping on the internet or just popular on the internet in general. Ranging from popular cats like Grumpy cat, to pictures of cats that look off in a way by having either a third eye of having a human body.

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