Activity – Algorithmic Art – Week 12

During this week’s activity, the class has to create an algorithmic pattern using any type of media. By using a set of procedures I created, I decided to do my project around the activity of drawing and music. I decided to draw different forms of patterns that relate closely to the music being played. I decided to chose different forms of music to accuarately represent what goes on my mind when the music plays. For example, slow acoustic songs can put my mind at ease while fast, up beat pop songs can cause my mind to go indifferent directions from trying to sing along or keep up with the tempo by dancing or humming. I decided to draw patterns for each song in the same picture so I can see the difference in patterns. I also chose colors I felt represented the type of song.


The first song, I chose an acoustic cover of Pumped Up Kids by Foster the People. The song was slow and soft, especially with their pronunciation of the lyrics. I started to draw with the color orange since I felt like the color represent a relaxed tone. The pattern I felt like was slow and calm. I was focused on keeping the lines smooth and had somewhat of an idea of the kind of shapes I wanted to do.

The next song I chose was Creep by Radioactive. This song was still pretty relaxed but it had a grunge beat. This was an important difference, and it showed in my drawing. I decided to use the color of maroon since it was dark and grunge like.  Instead of drawing in a calm tone, I started drawing along with the beat and my mind was set in motion to following the beat of the song. Personally, I love the beat of the song, since it made me feel like I had the same feeling as the lyrics would interpret. I was not rushed, but I was not slow paced, either.

After, I changed the song Jealous by Nick Jonas. This is a very popular song in today’s music. It is a very upbeat, fast, pop song that most people today dance or sing along to. I love this song, and I knew most of the lyrics. I decided to draw with the color bright pink to represent its pop tone. I started drawing and it turns out the fast tempo made me want to draw fast. I also started drawing bigger shapes and fast moving patterns. In my mind, I was trying to keep up with the music by drawing dramatically.

Finally, the next song was Get Low by Ying Ying Yang Twins, Lil Jon, and The East Side Boyz. This song was a bit more intense. It made me want to dance to the hip hop beat and keep up with the rapping part of the song. My drawing consisted of the color dark forest green since the song felt like an underground hip hop song. It was fast with stand out beats. I decided to draw with more structure to follow the beat of the music. It was different than my previous drawings.

These drawing really represented what my mind goes through when listening to different types of music. Although this is me reacting to this music, I know that depending on what you listen to, you will have different reactions to different genres.


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