Activity – Sculpture – Week 11

During this week’s activity, we were assigned to make a sculpture out of plaster in the sand on the beach. Since CSULB is right by the beach, most people found it easy to just go to the beach and have some fun sculpting. I have never sculpt anything before so I thought this was a good opportunity to try something new. I am also open in trying new things, since I am a fan of any type of art. I was very excited to this project and see how it will come out.

I decided to go to the beach later on in the day Sunday since I had a very busy weekend with club water polo championship games at UCLA. Even though i was very busy me and my friends had time to quickly go to the beach and create the sculpture. It was getting dark out so it was different experience to go the beach late a night. The beach is very beautiful when the sun is setting. The water felt different and relaxing with slow waves and the sand was cold.

I proceeded onto the process of created the sculpture. I put my hand in to sand in a little hole I dug near the waves of the water. The sand was pretty cold and soft, maybe because the temperature of the air was lower since the sun was setting. I then took my hand out of the sand a poured the plaster on the mold of my hand. I could see the plaster easily going into the shape of my hand. Then I put more sand on top of it to set it in shape. I let it sit for about 20 minutes and I would kind of poke at it to see if it was ready. When it was ready I got it to look like my hand which was very cool!

It was getting dark and cold so me and my friends went back to the dorms to get a good look at my sculpture. The sculpture ended up having a green-ish color to it which was very weird and different from other sculpture I saw online. Maybe it turned that way because were in a different part of the beach. The bottom half of it broke of and kinda of left this bumpy bottom. It was reals cool haw it turned out and I am excited to show this idea to my friends if they ever want to make a sculpture. 🙂

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