Art Gallery – Gabriel Garcia – Week 11

During this week’s art gallery observation I decided to go to the gallery of Gabriel Garcia. Garcia displayed a large amount of canvases in huge sizes representing the challenges of an average man living in a society of where he should show strong masculinity. I decided to write about this gallery since I understood this and the gallery’s canvases represent current of recent situations around the world. The idea of raising men to be strong and masculine, basically not to be sentimental, was recently in my mind since I had to write a speech about it in my COMM 130 class so I had some what an idea of the problem.

Some of these phrases really hit me, since I realized how true people often say these things. I didn’t realize how much of an effect it had on several people, especially on men.

I entered the gallery noticing how big the canvases are and how they each contained the colors of grey and black. I also noticed that they were each made with charcoal, a type of drawing pencil that smudges on the canvas easily. As I walked around the gallery I saw how there were statements or phrases that I hear a good amount of in certain settings. Some phrases were “Don’t Be Gay” or “Don’t __ Like A Girl”. Garcia had the second word of the second phrase be a blend of different words commonly heard in society or media like “hit” or “run”. This basically shows that there are many things men are told to be or do in order to show their masculinity. There were also several canvases that showed different activities men are known to be a part of such as a canvas of a football helmet to represent them being actively a part of or a canvas of a deer head to represent the activity of hunting that men are also known to be a part of.


Among those canvases were other canvases that contain certain characteristics that men classify as or descriptions of what they lead to. Examples of characteristics are “Stalker”, “Abuser”, or “Voyeur” and apparent examples of men’s actions are “Violence”, “Kill” ,”Hit” and “Rape”.


Gabriel Garcia took 2 months to complete his work. Garica explains that his whole gallery is to point out a real problem in society today which is there are a lot of labeling of men and stereotyping among people based of their gender. There is a lot of talk about women experiencing labeling among society and media but some people don’t realize that men also experience the same problems. There is a lot of hate crimes and stereotyping based on gender and ethnicity so Garcia wants to point that out. Garcia decided to use black and grey for his canvases because his idea was to have the word displayed to be like psychological voices heard in the back of your mind. Black and white would be too straight forward while black and grey can slowly have the phrases present themselves to the viewers.

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