Activity – Selena Quintanillia – Week 10

This week we had a different art assignment. This time, we were assigned to do a project completely on our own. We have to basically choose a topic and a activity on our own and let our imagination control the project’s result. I had several ideas for the art project, but I decided to dedicate this project to a passed Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla.

I decided to dedicate my art assignment to her because recently on March 31st was the 20th anniversary of her death. As someone who comes from a Mexican identity and culture, I knew exactly who Selena was even though she passed before I was even born. She was very popular during her time and definitely left her mark in music history; so much so that fans today still remember her as an idol and as a very well-known Mexican American singer who broke boundaries in the music industry by becoming a sensation in both American and Latino community. Although I did not live during the time her music was popular, I was still effected by it. Today, there are many Latino musicians who are also popular in the English community such as Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, and Prince Royce. Jennifer Lopez, in fact, was inspired to sing and perform after acting as Selena in the popular movie Selena.  She dedicated her first live performance to Selena. Selena is such a icon and inspiration, and it was her kindness and humbleness that made her so loved.

I decided to do my art activity similar to a past one we did that involved mixed media. I decided to put pictures together of Selena that I thought represented her best. I used a photo crop app on my phone to start the process. I thought about it carefully and thought about what represented Selena as an icon. I thought the way she danced, dressed, and smiled represented who she was. Sounds like any other musical icon, but Selena did it in her own way.She danced her own routines that went with the music, with the way she did her steps to the way she moved her hands. Her outfits, each one she designed and made on her own. Finally, her smile was well known because she always showed kindness. Her smile was huge to the point her eyes would get smaller.

The steps were to choose the background, the pictures, and finally putting them together. The background I decided to use was a picture of Selena that was constantly used when people wanted to remember her on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram. I then cut out several pictures to only showing Selena so that can be displayed together.


In the end, I decided to put pictures of Selena in her best performance outfits that she created on the bottom of the picture. On the right side, I used pictures that showed her smiling her best and, in my opinion, looking stunning and beautiful. On the left side, I tried to show pictures of her showing of her dance moves. It was a little difficult cutting out her movements carefully but I did it successfully. As you can see, she is singing while moving gracefully. These qualities are important in remembering Selena Quintanilla.

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