Art Gallery – Dawn Ertle – Week 10

This week I decided to write about Dawn Ertle and her gallery. In my Art 110 class we got to hear about her gallery before we actually saw it. She explained that she is trying to interpret the world in her project. In her words, she describes her weave installments as a representation of the relationships between the people of an industrial society and either other people or the environments they are in. There was only one picture shown in the class to basically give the class an idea of what expect. I decided from the picture I was interested in seeing the rest of the gallery.

During the gallery showing, I walked in expecting the weaves of yarn being displayed but it was more than that. The yarn was weaved together with other items such as plastic bags and other types of strings. I definitely saw that it was a representation between the people of an industrial society and the results of the environment. The weaving represented the people and the society because in each grid formation, there can be a problem in making it and within that problem there is a solution for it which can be traced back to its origin or it can be solved by making it work and continuing to create a new design, This can lead to a new transformation basically making a new path toward a different outcome. In some ways, the weaving represents how people are by saying the people have problems that they find solutions to.

There was two different weaving representations. The first one was called “One Nation Under God” which had twelve weavings based on the colors of the American flag with some green every so often. The colors are there to represent the nation and the different patterns of the weaving are a representation of how we as a group of people go through many phases in life either problems or changes that affect us as a whole. There was also music being displayed as well, in a music box as shown in the third picture. The music in a way represented how we see ourselves and what problems we all face. In this case, it involves being in love. The song describes the three stages: first falling in love or confronting isolation, then figuring out how to live each other without losing each other, then finally living with a happily ever after or the whole thing being over. The stages describe how we as humans deal with ourselves or others.


The second weaving representation was called “Short Term Long Term Relationships” which is referring to the change of weather and climate. Ertle explained that she was trying to have the idea of how the weather changes and if it changes it affects the climate change. Since the climate is basically the average of the weather the climate really depends on the weather. The weather changes so the climate does. Ertle wanted to show that the weaving of the yarn is a representation of the relationship between climate and weather. The structure of yarn is being created similar to how the weather is, there is a pattern and certain data to it. There is an also a pattern of disruption to the climate, or by the artwork, a disruption to the yarn structure as a whole. Ertle wanted to interpret this, and create the relationship to the sudden changes in her work.


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