Activity – Architecture & Urban Planning – Week 9

This week’s activity involved architecture and urban planning. For this assignment we had to draw a cognitive map of the CSULB campus. When I found out this assignment I thought it would be rather easy to draw the campus only by memory. I thought since I went to school practically everyday and went to several classes throughout the campus I would draw the campus without any trouble. As I started drawing the campus, I started with the pool by the kinesiology building. I drew that first because I go there all the time for water polo practice, and I can easily distinguish the buildings around it. Buildings such as the kinesiology building and how it had a random green grass in the middle of it with tables for students to sit on. I actually remember that because I had a class there and I would sit there occasionally. I also drew the upper campus since I had most of my classes there like the theater, the bookstore, the lecture halls, the new and old LA buildings, the library where I would go to study. I then drew the lower campus which had the music buildings I would love to visit to see everyone play there instruments, the track and field under construction, the CBA with the reflective sides, the very known pyramid, and the gym with its outside pool and sand volleyball court.

As I was drawing, I started putting everything I pictured down but I soon realized I was missing some buildings. For example, a completely random part of the school was missing. I thought about how I only remembered buildings that mattered to me. Like the science buildings. Even though they were such nice buildings and I passed by them every day to get to my next class, I didn’t draw them since I never actually went in there and had a class there. I also didn’t draw the random buildings by the art gallery buildings because I have no idea what they are for.


The next step is to adopt a building. The assignment is to basically choose a building a write the history behind it. I decided to choose the library since I like how it is a place to study and read books which I love doing.

The history behind the library is that way back when the school was first a college of Los Angeles – Orange County State College it only had about 169 students in 1949 and wanted to build a library for the state. The people of Long Beach wanted to propose that the school should be a part of their city so they bought the land to expand the school. The library was being built and when it first opened it was a small one that held about 48 students. Only a fifth of the budget was used to build the library and the rest was to buy the books for the first academic year. By 1955, the one story library would expand to hold 300 students and have more books. This caused the increase in enrollment in the school and eventually changed its name to Cal State Long Beach. The library then adding two more floors to expand its capacity to hold more students. This new construction would again increase enrollment on the school and be one of the biggest libraries in the CSU system.

By finding out the history of the library I realized the library is important part of the school. It is a place for students to study and do work. Today, the library is always full of students continue to work for their degree. It is often always full so some students often say the library should again increase in size. If the library does increase in size again I am sure that it will also increase the enrollment. The library is important for students so since the beginning of the construction of the school it has always been an important aspect in having a good school.

The Old Library 


I decided to choose the Kinesiology building. I decided to choose the building of the kinseology because when I had a class there I always thought the colors were a little too plain. I thought the building should have more colors and be more open. I remember I thought the halls were too small and there was always barely anywhere to sit for students who are waiting the classroom to open. I remember there were paintings on the walls that gave some color and represented the major of Kinesiology. The paintings were of people in different sports and doing different activities. There was also random offices that looked plain and had no one there. It kinda felt stuffy in there as well.

I wanted the building to capture the major of Kinesiology. The building honestly reminded me of a gym, there was open volleyball courts and and places for the activity classes of course, but all of it didnt have to be that way. It should be more welcoming and more enthusiastic about the classes it has. Not a dark,stuffy place. So I started to draw it piece by piece.

I drew above the building first. I drew the structure and how there should be more grass and trees along with tables for students to work or sit at. I then dress the walls of the inside with pictures of people doing sports or activities. As they are moving, there are arrows showing their movement and how it is important for movement to work as they do for  them to complete the action wanted.


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