Conversations – Kylie Louthan – Week 9


During this week, I got to meet Kylie Louthan. She is a freshman who commutes from Stanton to school. She is a film major who is in the Art 110 class for her pre-requisite to get in her major. Her favorite part of the class is when some galleries have film and photos displayed within the galleries. During high school, Kylie played tennis for a while and for six years she was a dancer in hip hop and ballet. She was not into dancing as much and was only participating in because of her mom. Her inspiration to become a film major came from her experiences in eighth grade when she would make Youtube videos with her cousin. She would often make the script, edit the clips, direct, and be the actor a part of it. Sh eventually stopped to focus on school but she came back to it her senior year when she took three film related classes. She then realized this was the career she wanted to have and wanted to work for in high school. Right now she works at a movie theater and she told me how it was supposedly haunted. When she told me this, I became interested since I love haunted places. She told me how I should visit specifically theater 4 since it has the most paranormal activity.

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