Art Gallery – Micheal Rollins – Week 9

During this week at the galleries, I decided to go to the gallery of Micheal Rollins. I decided to choose his gallery over the others because I really liked his paintings. I really liked them because as soon as I walked in to see the gallery I noticed the bright colors right away and really made me just want to stop and look. The way it was painted reminded me of someone who just wanted to express how they felt with the different strokes of paint and the different colors. It really showed freedom and no control. It made me want to grab a paint brush and start painting what I thought as I went along. I also liked how the paintings took up space because of their size. They really stood out to me so I wanted to blog about this gallery.


The paintings were really big, as you can see here.

The artist Micheal Rollins was not there in the beginning, so I decided to look at the other galleries meanwhile. The other galleries were great but I still wanted to blog about Rollins’ gallery. He showed up a while later so I got to interview him. His gallery ‘New Digs’  was basically about how he wanted to show visual pleasure and disruptions. He wants his paintings to show freedom and balance. This gallery specifically, Rollins wanted to have a science feel with all the colors. The colors used are used by astronomers to describe space so he was inspired to use these colors. He also wanted to take up as much space, using thick and thin paint strokes.

The painting above is a good example of how a couple distinctive sudden strokes of paint can disrupt the freedom of the painting creating a balance. The one the right is the whole painting the the one on the left is one up close.

Rollins usually works on his paintings three at a time to keep the flow going. He wants to paint unpredictable paintings that he would either like or dislike. He uses thick paint with a bright color that can break up the image he is creating. This causes a disruption from the freedom to create a balance between the two. Before Rollins had an idea of what his gallery would look like he would experiment using different styles, colors, and techniques. A couple of little paintings were made before to see what he liked about them and have an idea of to paint.


Before, Rollins was an illustrator major. He then became inspired to do more and work hard as a painter so he switched to an art major. He wanted to take a risk and work hard as an undergraduate student to get into grad school. Rollins talked about as an artist, he would also surround himself with art to continue to be inspired and always work on his paintings or art projects to keep the freedom going.

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