Remix Culture – Activity – Week 8

During this week I had to do an activity of remix culture. I decided to edit a video I already had on my computer. It was a video of me and my friend basically singing along to the song Blank Space by Taylor Swift. It was a very popular song a while ago, and it is still pretty popular right now. The song is basically the singer, Taylor, telling off whoever claimed her as being someone who dates too many people often ending the relationship. In the song she pronounces some words with strength in her voice to basically emphasizes what she is trying to point out or say. Examples would be “Boys”, “Insane”, or “Torture”. I decided to edit my video by first adding the song to the background so we can hear it better and then adding some of the lyrics that I thought was important in what Taylor was trying to say. I never edited a video before so I am completely new to this. Even though I wanted to go above and beyond in doing this, I ended up doing basics such as changing the color or the font of the words since I didn’t know much. In the end, it ended up looking okay. I thought about how music is used to show expression or tell a story and by watching this video of me and my friend’s expressions singing along, we did a good job in doing that naturally.

First, I look at the original video to see where the music starts. I then edit the song I already had to fitting the video when we start singing. Then I see which words can I add to the video. It took a while, but I got the hang of it. I started adding the lyrics and changed the color and font based on what I thought suited it best. It was a good way to start exploring hwo to edit videos.

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