Conversations – Soojin Kim – Week 8

This week I had the opportunity to meet Soojin Kim. I randomly saw her looking at the galleries and decided to interview her. She is a business accounting major but is hoping she can change it to biology. She is from Cerritos about fifteen minutes from the school so she commutes. During her free time she would go to LA a lot with her friends and to the beach. Recently she would go to UCR to visit her friends back from high school. She also told me she used to play water polo and swim varsity in high school. When she told me this, I felt like we had a connection with that topic and we started to talk more about it. Since I also played water polo and swam in high school, we had similarities. I told her how I play in the club too her at CSULB and she got really surprised and told me how she thought there was no girls club water polo. I told her there was, and she really wanted to hear more about it. She told me how she misses playing and she really wanted to continue it in college. I explained to her she should since we are a new club not many people know about and since she has experience in playing it would help out the club to get better. She got really happy, and I’m pretty sure I had given her an opportunity to continue to play water polo.

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