Art Galley – Brian Davis – Week 8

During this weeks art gallery showings, I decided to go to Brian Davis gallery. I decided to go to Brian’s gallery because he came to our class Tuesday to talk about his gallery and as he did I became interested in it. I was interested in the scenery of the gallery with all the couches and and seats to have the viewers comfortable and that he was there making drinks with organic vegetables and fruits.

I went into his gallery kind of expecting what is going to be there, but I wasn’t expecting how I would feel comfortable and welcomed by the scene of the place. The couches were of different styles with comfy blankets and there was patterned carpets to give the place even more of an at home feeling. There was structures holding several things, different types of fruit, vegetables, water, cups and napkins. All things you would see in any other kitchen. As I came closer to the table, I saw the different types of fruit and vegetables being displayed all over, ready to be used in the juicer. Since they were displayed right in front of us, we were able to see which piece of fruit or vegetable Brian would use for his next drink. About a minute into being in the gallery, I was offered a freshly made juice. I decided to try it, and it was definitely something I don’t usually drink. I could taste the cabbage and lettuce. Very healthy drink if you ask me. Everyone there was offered a drink too, which made the gallery even more of a welcoming place. I noticed that the cups were not just any cups, but ones that were made by Brian by sculpting. Everything seemed to reflect his own hobbies and activities he does on a daily basis.


Brian explained that he enjoys juicing in order to stay healthy. He believes that since he started juicing, he started eating more healthy and wanted to work out more. He is making juices as he explains this, and he also explains how he is keeping it friendly in what he is putting in the juicier for our benefit because he would usually put in more crazy stuff together to make his juice. He attended CSULB for four years and was making his own juices for three years ever since he gotten a juicier as a gift. He decided to have this as his gallery to show enrichment and a way to welcome anyone to do whatever they like.

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