Portrait Photography – Activity – Week 7

This week, the activity was to have a portrait photo but with a twist, to have it be of our death. Sounds crazy, but fun to imagine the different ways that can make a cool looking picture. I thought long about it, and I had many different ideas. That day, my friend wanted to go to the store to return and asked for me to go with her. I said sure why not, but as I was there I remembered about my activity for this class and thought, what if I had a picture of myself as the literal phrase “shop till you drop”? I thought it was a good idea and thought quickly how I would set up the picture. I liked the idea of laying between aisles with a shopping cart behind me to show I was actually shopping. I chose the aisle of shoes since that was my favorite item to shop or look for. I laid shoes on the ground, my bag, and keys to show I just fell down to my death. My friend quickly took a picture so I wouldn’t get in trouble for laying on the ground creepily or scare some of the other customers. I thought maybe my last moments from lets say a sudden heart attack would be shopping at a local store. It was fun and creative to set up and think about so I definitely enjoyed doing it. Plus the end picture came out creepy yet cool.

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