Conversations – Lacey Alaniz – Week 7


During this week, I had the opportunity to meet Amy Chang. She approached me and started talking to me right away. I could tell right away she was a social person and she is very friendly. Not surprisingly, she is a communications major and hopes to continue to talk to people as her career and go up from there. She is in her second year so she is already comfortable with the school and the people. Since she talks very freely, she explained how she loves sushi and seafood. Actually she used the word obsessed. But she hates cheese, except on nachos with carne asada which is a type of meat. She also told me about her high school days when she would dance. She explained how she missed dancing, but she does not miss the amount of practice she would do and how much time it took up. Although she does not miss this, she misses and appreciates being pushed to do her best. She also told me she was actually not born here but in Korea. So she is full Korean, which is pretty cool.

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