Art Gallery – Juliette Angulo – Week 7

During this week’s gallery, I decided to interview Juliette Angulo and write about her gallery. I decided to write about her because her gallery was different than the other galleries I previously wrote about. Previous galleries were about paintings or charcoal drawings but not one with actual pictures. Juliette had her galleries with pictures that gave a specific meaning to her audiences.

From afar, I could notice that the gallery consisted of a showing of pictures. The pictures were displayed all throughout the walls of the place. As I walked in, I realized they weren’t just pictures, there were pictures of events or everyday activites, such as driving or combing her hair but with the person doing it physically cut out of the picture. I also noticed that the pictures were revolved around the person being in of the US Army with pictures of people in army uniform or the American flag as the background.


For the interview, Juliette explained that it is her sister that is cut out of the pictures and she is in the US Army. She wanted to show that her outline is still in the pictures and in the events the pictures being taken from, but she is not actually there. Juliette wanted to point out that her sister would come back into her families life but it would feel odd and different because she would be actually there in presence but not there emotionally connected to her family. Juliette explained how she got distant from her younger sister which made her upset. Her sister would come back from South Carolina on and off, and over the course of two years she would travel and take pictures. With those pictures, Juliette cut out her sister and wanted to show within those pictures, her sister left an imprint and her family still knows she there with them even though she is physically not there. It did not hit her that her sister was actually gone until she saw that her room was empty. Juliette wanted to show that her and her family all respect her decision in joining the army but it does not take away the fact that her sister’s presence is not there and its not a difficult goodbye. She made sure she had a variety of pictures, from her sister posing for her army profile to her just being herself in an everyday basis.


Recently, Juliette has been involved with crafting, such as using metals. She is also involved with photography and enjoys trying new things. In her gallery, she mentioned how she actually did something physically when she was cutting up the pictures.

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