Yarn Bombing – Activity – Week 6

This week, I had the assignment in yarn bombing. Yarn bombing is when either something knitted or more commonly in a crochet form, and wrap around something either ugly or common to give it some kind of new feel or individual characteristic. It is also used to make the item more unique or make the area look better in color and vibrancy. I was inspired by the art galleries and their portrayal of color during this activity.

I have never crochet before, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to try something new. Unfortunately, I was not able to crochet because it was some what difficult and i really wanted to do something with it. So I decided to play around with this bright pink-red fabric of a string I had laying around and try to make use of it. I had a lot of it and it was all tangled up. As I was untangling, I thought about how soft and pretty the fabric was. I decided to wrap my dorm room handle with the fabric so it would give it some cuteness and everyone would like the softness of it 🙂

I decided to do it on my door handle from the inside first to get an idea of how to make it. First, I had to tie up the ends so it would be one long string and it would be able to wrap around better. Then as I was wrapping it around, I had to make sure the fabric with the soft ends pointing outwards would also point outward .


It looked cute and it was fun doing it so in the end I liked out it came out. To further things, I actually did “yarn bombing” by doing the same thing to my friend’s door. Luckily, they were gone so I got my fabric ready and went to the hall and decorated their door. It ended up also looking cute so I thought my friends would like it.

Photo                                                                 Photo

In the end, my friends were surprised but happy about what I did. I enjoyed doing this because it made me realize this is only one way to make something simple into something unique. Compared to the graffiti drawing, I like this as equally as doing graffiti because both ways can make any area look so much better.

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