Art Gallery – Emily Babbette and Romina Del Castillo – Week 6


During this week’s gallery analysis I decided to choose the art gallery of La Vie En Noir by Emily Babbette and Romina Del Castillo. I decided to choose this art gallery because as soon as I entered I saw the different portraits of people that gave a Gothic vibe. I honestly love that kind of style and I enjoyed looking at the drawings. I noticed that each person was different in the way they dressed and posed. Although all the people in the pictures were a part of the same Gothic and musical culture, they each had their own idea of representing themselves.

Romina Del Castillo – Pictures with color backgrounds


Only Emily Babbette was there to explain the gallery but she did a good job in explaining the idea and purpose of the gallery. Emily explained how her and Romina decided the year before that they wanted to do a gallery together and agreed that the theme should be more on the dark side. During the process of creating the figurative portraits, she asked people she knew personally to be a representation of a picture. She asked them to dress in a way that represents themselves and their musical culture. The artists wanted to have a representation of the people’s subconscious and wanted to show that part to their audience. When asked about why is there only  pictures of women, she answered its probably for girl power and to have the pictures continuous. She also pointed out she wanted to try something new and more challenging by using come color using pastel along with the black and white of charcoal. Emily was the black and white pictures with the occasional red color while the pictures with more color experimenting is by Romina.

Emily’s Black and White Pictures


Emily’s favorite is the one on the right with the crazy hair.

Emily was at first a theater major in Cal State San Marcos until she decided to study abroad in England. As she was over there she realized how much she loved looking at the art and the museums so she decided to switch her major and transfer to CSULB. According to Emily, everyone should take the opportunity to study abroad.


A Conversation

This week I had the opportunity to interview Natsuki Fukayama. She is in her second year of college and is currently a film major. She is an international student from Japan who wanted to explore the film major related opportunities in CSULB. Although she is from Japan, she has lived in American for a while throughout her time in elementary school. Her English is really good and if she didn’t tell me she was an international student, I wouldn’t have guess it. She currently dorms at Beachside and enjoys living in the area. Her favorite classes are her photography and typography class she took last semester. She hopes to get credit here at Long Beach so she is able to have a career here and back in her hometown Tokyo.

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