Kick Starter – Activity – Week 5

 A kick starter is what people do if they want to raise money to reach a goal. Usually its a video displaying what they hope to do and what they can do if they receive fundraising. Most of the time the videos are really good and receive their goal amount of more, but other times the video can be poor and not relieve as much funds.  

Urban Groove Dance Project –

In the section of dance, I decided to choose this video because of how they displayed young people probably around my age all wanting the same goal. I guess since they were around my age, it showed me how anyone can work for a goal if they work hard enough. I watched the video and they explained really well what their goal was and how can they get there and they showed the actual dance team along with some choreographed dances. Their goal was to have their dance team to finally compete in competition. I also really liked they added the song “XO” by Beyonce, it grabbed my attention since I love that song. 

‘Air’ A Dance Performance Art –

Also in the section of dance, was this kick starter. Although the video was very informative, but it explained too much and did not show the actual team of dancers. The director was speaking the whole time explaining the point of the fundrasing. It seemed that it was scripted and memorized and did not really flow or grabbed my attention.

The Veteran Vision Project — A Photo Book –

This kick starter was in the photography section of the website. This one was pretty popular so I was interested in it and decided to see what was it about. The photographer was raising money to support his project in taking pictures of veterans in their normal and current lives and a picture of how they served shown in their uniform. It was really cool how as the photographer was explaining his purpose in the project, several pictures was being show to shown the audience what he does. The music went well and overall it seemed professional. 

One Dollar, One Photograph. Unique Photo project –

This video was one of the photography ones. The video explained well what it wanted to fund raise for, but it was too short and it did not seem too professional. Although their goal to take unique pictures was a good idea, it did not really show enough examples of the pictures. Also, their was a random guy in the beginning who I thought was going to be talk but someone else did and did not really introduce themselves.  

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