Art Gallery – Dianna Franco – Week 5


During this week, I had the opportunity to interview Dianna Franco for the artist of week on my blog. She first started painting professionally when she was 20 and was always interested in art since she was 3. I first entered her gallery so I can have an idea of what her gallery is about before she actually explains it to me. There was bright colors and contrasts between each painting. I feel like she was trying to compare the two different types of colors, bright neon colors verses dark colors, to show the major difference in how we perceive them in everyday life. 

Some people asked what she wanted to present in her gallery and what she was trying to show to her audience. Dianna explained how she wanted to interpret environmental verses society today in her gallery. She explained how she usually walks around nature and views it as something very beautiful and colorful. She believes that the colors have a psychological effect on the way people think and interpret their society and their life. Also while comparing colors, she wanted to compare organic and geometric, organic being nature and geometric being society.

In the bright neon paintings, she explained how those paintings refer to the beauty in nature. The bright colors really come forth and literally brightens yours thoughts. It would somewhat prove what she was trying to explain in having her paintings have a psychological effect. It brings happiness and clears the mind for a while. Dianna mentioned how she wanted to bring happiness through her paintings and she was hoping that people who would come and see her paintings would leave with a good mind. 

The darker painting, Dianna explained, referred to society. The dark colors really referred to the industrial effect it has on people and how society is starting to reflect on that. She wanted to prove again how the colors have a psychological effect. She also explained how geometric the paintings are, referring to how in everyday life we are experiencing new advancing technology. 

Dark Paintings / Geometric

Photo  Photo  Photo

Bright Paintings / Organic

Photo Photo Photo

PhotoA Conversation

This week I got to meet a very awesome person, Amanda. She is a freshman majoring in bio-chem. A really tough major I must say but when questioned why she would have that major she explained how she honestly loved biology and chemistry. She is from Bell Park and went to school there most of her life. While there, she competed in gymnastics for about 15 years. She told me how sometimes she would miss it and the constant practices and competitions she would train for. But other times she felt okay with it since she wouldn’t be sore most of the time. Amanda is a very talkative person and you can tell she is afraid to make new friends. As she was munching down on grapes she would tell me how she enjoys grapes but hates nutella and seafood. Several times she would try to eat seafood to see what all the fuss is about, specifically sushi, but every time she would hate it and continue to not eat it. Overall, she was fun to talk to and I wish her the best in her major.

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