Adventure Is Out There – Activity – Week 4

Most people that actually know me would say I like to keep to myself and not really the one to try new things or be anything close to an adrenaline junkie. Well, for the most part they are right. I am shy and I do not really search for adventure outside my hometown. Sometimes, I like to imagine I am doing something crazy and sometime out of the ordinary but usually I won’t actually do it. This time I actually wanted to do sometime crazy, fun and exciting but still not too far from my comfort zone. 

I wanted to be comfortable in what I was doing, so a friend suggested there is a really nice place in the middle of the mountains where there is rivers and small lakes, and where people jump off cliffs into deep waters. 

Let me just say I have never jumped off a mountain or and huge rock into freezing water. Some people may say they would not picture me doing this, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity for this activity. I have always imagined doing something out of the ordinary from my daily life so I decided to pursue this activity in order to step out of my comfort zone and prove to myself I can do activities like this. 


The place was called Hermit Falls and it was by the Santa Anita mountain trails. A friend and I left Sunday morning and hiked up the trail that led us to the actual place. I have hiked before, but this hike was very beautiful because it was frist at the edge of the mountain so we were able to see an amazing view of green mountains and the city from afar. As the trail led down the mountain, we reached an area by creeks and rivers with rocks surrounding it. It was such a great hike that I forgot we were looking for the main lakes. 

Eventually, we reached the area where people jump off cliffs made out of rocks into freezing deep water. There was a good amount of people already there either jumping into the water or watching others do it. I saw others jump first, and for a while I was nervous. There was even a point I thought I wasn’t going to do it. My friend wanted to jump and she did so after she did I was a little more confident in doing it. I got on top of the rocks and noticed a lot of people were watching me, waiting for me to do it. I looked down and thought “I can do this” and one, two, three, I jumped! It was a fun experience and I couldn’t believe I was so nervous in the first place. Of course, the water was cold but that was the only downside of it all. The hike was beautiful and the actual jumping off a cliff was fun and exhilarating. I was very happy I stepped out of my comfort zone.  WP_20150215_14_04_28_Pro

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