Art Gallery – Makaila Palmer/Rachel Gehrke – Week 4

This week, I had the pleasure in interviewing Makaila Palmer and to view her paintings. Also a part of the gallery was Rachel Gehrke’s paintings but unfortunately she was not able to be there due to other school work she had to attend to. 


The gallery was named “Odyssey”, which in definition refers to an epic voyage. As I was looking through the paintings, Rachel had this ocean like feel to her paintings colliding with alien like textures. She had paintings with many bright colors and animals being combined. In Makaila’s paintings, she decided paint her journey to Florence, Italy. She painted landscapes and the architecture she saw combined with memories she has of the setting. The title can be referred to in the paintings because in each painting, whether it be Makaila’s or Rachel’s, gave the viewers the idea they were looking to another world. 

The Interview

Since Rachel could not make the galley showing, Makaila answered all the questions referring to Rachel’s paintings and her own. Makaila described Rachel’s paintings as being inspired by the ocean and she wanted to have a parallel of deep sea and deep space. Rachel is a deep sea and a scuba diver so she had and idea of deep sea already. By using her knowledge of the sea she was inspired to create paintings of it. She decided to use space and ocean creatures to layer on top of it to basically experiment where it would lead the painting to look like. 


Makaila described her paintings inspired by the time she studied abroad in Florence last semester. She explained how her paintings were landscapes of the places she would visit. Looking at the paintings, people can notice that the paintings of the landscapes were being collided with another view of what Makaila described was her memories. Makaila wanted to add her own touch to the landscapes by adding her own memories and the euros they use in Florence. She wanted to try new colors and actually did not start painting landscapes until she came back from Florence. 

“I would recommend studying abroad. It really is the best experience and it will change your perspective on the world.”


PhotoA Conversation

This week for my assignment to have a conversation with someone new, I met Christian Park. We actually met before through another person that I had previously met, but I did not really talk to him. This time, I had a conversation with him and discovered he is also a freshman who also dorms in Parkside. He is a pre-film major who is hoping to have a career in movie making after he graduates. He was inspired to go into pre-filming by his love of watching movies and his interest in creating the movie plot itself. During his free time, he likes to listen to music, either Indie or 1960’s rock, He also enjoys playing his guitar. I asked him if his love for music inspired him in any way in majoring in film. He said that yes it did which is why he would like to be the one to film concerts to continue his love for music. 

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