Instagram Posts Activity – Week 3

During this week, My activity was to post pictures on Instagram regarding my daily activities. On Thursday the 5th of February, I decided to post my first picture of Yiren Kwak and her art because it was a part of my day. I decided to post a picture of her and her art to really show what I was doing, which was observing the art gallery and interviewing the art gallery. Later that day, I posted a picture of me and my roomate at the Rec center since we occasionally go together so I can exercise by swimming and she can tan.


As I posted the picture onto Instragram, I had to add “#Art100S15” to my picture to be a part of other photos of my classmates who also uploaded a picture of their day for the assignment. I clicked on the hash tag and sure enough, other classmates have already posted a picture reflecting on their current activity for the day.  Ranging from my picture (shown in the upper left corner) to a pet iguana, to causally getting Starbucks. There was an increasing amount of photos that represented someone’s day. As the day went on, most people posted simple pictures, like pictures of the gallery, their car, themselves with friends, or, more commonly, food. Since the beginning of Instagram, people would post pictures of their food and the really popular “selfies”.

Displaying Screenshot_2015-02-08-22-02-36.png    Displaying Screenshot_2015-02-08-21-53-15.png    Displaying Screenshot_2015-02-08-21-53-03.png

I decided to post a picture of myself just for fun and to show my classmates how I look like once they click on the hash tag. I also wanted to be a part of the popular “selfie” group. What I realized as I uploaded the picture was that selfies some how relfect someone’s personality, whether they are serious, silly, shy or confident.

Photo Honestly, I can say I like to pose different rather than a simple smile, but I like to post selfies to show my true personality to those who only know me through social media.

Instagram is used to show others through the social media who you really are and what your daily activities consist of.

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