Spray Painting Activity – Week 2

This week, I was assigned to spray paint my name in a graffiti like form.

The Process

First, I had to draw my name on paper for practice before I actually spray paint. I decided to write my name as Maggie instead of Magdalena to make it a shorter process. I decided to have my name more of bubble like font. Photo

I then outlined the ends of the letters to create a 3-D effect.


Then, outlined the whole name to give it a finished look.


Finally, I added color to see the final look and help me decide how to have the colors on my actual spray paint project. Photo

Now that I have an idea of how my name will come out, the spray painting part can be a little easier. I have never spray painted before so it will be a first for me and I have no idea how it will turn out. I do have experience in painting and drawing so hopefully it will be somewhat similar and easy.

The Actual Project

 So I realized how hard spray painting was. I basically rushed into it a little and should have took my time in trying to learn how to do this. Although the first attempt failed, I decided to keep trying. I realized that the cardboard was a little too small so there wasn’t room for details. Also, I did not get any good caps for the paint so the paint would just splatter all over creating a watery messiness.  In the end it looked good for my first time. I definitely learned that spray painting is a whole different type of art and being some what of an artist myself, I would like to continue to perfect this to make it look as nice as my drawing 🙂


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