Art Gallery – Maccabee Shelley and Conversations – Week 2

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Maccabee Shelley – Ceramics

This week, the Art 110 class visited the art galleries which featured Maccabee Shelley’s glass ceramic themed gallery. As we walked in the gallery, we notice right away the different types of statues of glass and paper mold displayed throughout the room. There was groups of glass structures with similar colors and single glass structures that stood out from the rest.

When asked about the colors and the type of glass he uses, Shelley responded with how he enjoys using different colors and combining them to create a new appearance. His favorite bottles to use are sapphire gem bottles, clear ones, bright green and blue bottles. The rare ones to find are the red and orange which are usually more expensive. Currently, pink is his favorite color to use because of the brightness and appearance against the glass. The paper mold with the different colors used against the glass makes the glass stand out more, creating a more dramatic effect.

“Bottles are weird and I’m kinda obsessed. It is an everyday item but it has so much history dated back to the original drink.”  Shelley explained how in the beginning he did not know how the glass would come out and thought about giving up after a certain amount of time. It was until he kept heating and re-creating glass structures he finally saw the beauty of creating glass structures in different shapes and sizes with different colored bottles.


A Conversation

Today at the galleries, we had to meet someone new. I met a girl named Nallely who was in her second year majoring in child development. I also ran into an old friend of mine from my class last semester, Metita who is also a freshman, and she decided to tag along in looking at the galleries. It was fun talking about the galleries together trying to understand what the artist is showing.

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